Classic rebuild Kits Page

Classic Carb Kits

American bantam Edsel Mack truck
American motors Essex Terraplane Mercury
Auburn Federal truck Nash
Autocar-Truck Flxible Oldsmobile
Avanti Ford Packard
Buick GMC-truck Plymouth
Cadillac Graham-Page Pontiac
Checker Hall-Scott truck REO
Chevrolet Hudson Studebaker
Chrysler Hupmobile Terraplane
Cord International Tucker
Corvair Jeep White truck
Corvette Kaiser-Frazer Willys
Crosley Lafayette  
Desoto Lancer  
Diamond T-truck Lark  
Divco truck Lasalle  
Dodge Lincoln  

A typical carb kit includes:

Base Gasket
Airhorn Gasket
Mid Gasket
Venturi Gaskets
Accelerator Pump
Needle & Seat
Assorted Seals and O-Rings
Some Clips and Balls
Most have Mixture Screws

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