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Carburetor Reference Sheet and Related Parts
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Brand: Rochester Type:  R4-4MC
Quadrajet Qjet
Number: 17054940
CU: 4-701

General Reference Picture of a R4-4MC
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Actual Reference Picture
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Disc: 72-74 Olds Notes: Notes
Cyl:186.45 Newcarb-  
Rebuild Kit:  KT-5195C

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Float:  FLT-100-6 Acc Pump:  82
Choke Pulloff Front:  101-722 Acc Pump Cup: 
Choke Pulloff Rear:  Needle & Seat:  N/S-31-542
Choke Thermostat: EC-8008 PowerValve: 
    Jets:  Jets    
Mixture Control Solinoid:  Mettering Rods:   
Throttle Position Sensor:  Linkage Rods:
Fuel Fitting:
90-113 Mixture Screw: 
Air Cleaner Gasket:  G702

Rebuilt Carburetor Ref Numbers

Bowl Gasket:  Rebuild Ref Number: 4-701
Middle Gasket:     
Base Gasket:  20-2662G670 Core:  <<Core>> Search eBay

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Sorry Picture NA

Sorry Picture NA

This carburetor was made by Rochester , The Rochester Products Division of General Motors was located in Rochester New York and built carburetors for GM vehicles since 1949 . It is a R4-4MC the 4MC is a Hot air side mounted choke Rochester Quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor, which means the choke is located on the passenger side connected to the carburetor and draws hot air from the intake .They started making them in 1965 and ran threw 1974. Most will have 7/8 inch 20 fuel inlet till 1971 and 1 inch 20 after 1971 . This carburetor has a part number of  17054940 and used on 72-74 Olds . Check here for specific Muscle car Info
Referenced by ; Rochester  17054940



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