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[ Weber Mixture Adjustments ]

Basic Carburetor Mixture Adjusting

Conventional Idle Mixture Screws that provide a leaner A/F when turned clockwise and richer A/F when turned counter clockwise. And The idle air flow (idle speed) is controlled by a conventional screw that opens the Primary Throttles. The following procedure should be used to set the idle mixture and speeds.

1. Fully warm engine and ensure choke is fully open.

2. Air cleaner in place. (if possible)

3. Set desired speed with the Idle speed screw.

4. Adjust the Idle Mixture Screws on both sides (one side if its a 1 barrel) OUT 3 1/2 turns

5. Adjust the Idle Mixture Screw on one side IN untill engine starts to misfire then turn OUT untill engine smooths out then go OUT an aditional 1/4 turn

6. Adjust the  OPPOSITE side same as above

7. Reset the idle speed. If the idle speed was off more than 100 RPM you may have to repeat step 5 and 6

8. Some emmision Holleys work backwards from this adjustment but not very many