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Medalist Ind - Melroe - Miller Electric

Zenith Carburetors for Harley Davidson Towmotor New Zenith 12566

Since it was founded in 1911, Zenith Carburetor Company of Detroit, Michigan has been synonymous with quality, technology and leadership. Today, the company is known as Zenith Fuel Systems LLC, with headquarters and a modern manufacturing facility in Bristol, Virginia and still offers  replacement  carburetors for Medalist Ind - Melroe - Miller Electric aplications ,
Made in the USA

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Medalist Ind - Melroe - Miller Electric
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Zenith /Carb# or Part #

Model Engine Engine Engine Engine Prod. Zenith Rep Carb. Carb.
Years Application Manuf Model Carb. Carb. Carb Kit Model


-1974 Marine MEDALIST Atomic 2 2996576 12800
K2063 8785
-1967 Marine MEDALIST UJ
K2169 67-7
-1986 Ford Ford Ford 288482 14030
K2220 33A8C

MEDALIST Ford 1.3 E7JL-FB 14070
K2226 33AC8


VALENCIA 6649548 14090
K2063 8765

MELROE 1.1 VALENCIA 6654896 14127
K2063 8765

MELROE 1.1 1.3L VALENCIA 6655450 14135
K2226 33AC8

MELROE Dis VALENCIA 6648559 14138
K2063 8765


Industrial Continental F163 62180 13803 12522 K2112 68X7

Industrial Continental TN-20 114302 14073
K2225 267LCX9

Industrial Continental TN-20 67103 14090
K2225 267LCX9

* = Obsolete - Verify your carb #
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