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Zenith Carburetors for Harley Davidson Towmotor New Zenith 12566

Since it was founded in 1911, Zenith Carburetor Company of Detroit, Michigan has been synonymous with quality, technology and leadership. Today, the company is known as Zenith Fuel Systems LLC, with headquarters and a modern manufacturing facility in Bristol, Virginia and still offers  replacement  carburetors for Jaeger aplications , Made in the USA
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Zenith /Carb# or Part #

Jaeger (- Marvel-Schebler Carburetor Equipped)                
Model Years Vehicle Engine Manuf Engine Model OEM Carb # Production Carb # Production Carb #   Zenith Repl Carb #
  Air Compressor Continental F140   TSX453 TSX-453   12522
  Air Compressor Continental F162   TSX787 TSX-787   12522
  Air Compressor Continental F226   TSX647 TSX-647   14998
  Air Compressor Continental F226   TSX659 TSX-659   14999
  #60 Air Compressor Continental F140   TSX258 TSX-258   12522
  #105 Air Compressor Continental F226   TSX105 TSX238 TSX-105 TSX-238   14999
  #105 Air Compressor Continental F226   TSX257 TSX303 TSX-257 TSX-303   14998
  #160 Air Compressor Continental M330   TSX383 TSX-383   14999
  #210 Air Compressor Continental B427   TSX259 TSX-259   14997
  #210 Air Compressor Continental B427   TSX383 TSX-383   14999
  #250 Rotary Continental   66209-1 TSX677-1 TSX-677-1   14997
  Truck Mixer Continental F140 162   TSX103TSX330TSX339 TSX-103TSX-330TSX-339   14544
  Truck Mixer Continental F140 162   TSX142 TSX-142   12522
  Truck Mixer Continental F140 162   TSX355 TSX-355   14999
  Truck Mixer Continental F226   TSX105TSX307TSX355 TSX-105TSX-307TSX-355   14999
  Truck Mixer Continental M330   TSX81 TSX-81   14997

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