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Zenith Carburetors for Harley Davidson Towmotor New Zenith 12566

Since it was founded in 1911, Zenith Carburetor Company of Detroit, Michigan has been synonymous with quality, technology and leadership. Today, the company is known as Zenith Fuel Systems LLC, with headquarters and a modern manufacturing facility in Bristol, Virginia and still offers  replacement  carburetors for Baker Industrial aplications ,
Made in the USA

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Baker Industial
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Zenith /Carb# or Part #

Vehicle or

Zenith Zenith Prod.
Model Engine Engine Engine Engine Prod. Repl. Carb. Carb.
Years Application Manufacturer Model Carb. Carb. Carb. Kit Model

1965-74 Lift Truck HERCULES IAX1O 710AAI 12915* 12544* K2110 161-7
1965-75 Tiger, FGO CONTINENTAL F227 71OAR I 15067 14992 K2127 267J10
1973-75 Lift Truck CONTINENTAL F600 71OF1 13128 14992 K2127 267JIO
1966-75 IT-FJ0040 CONTINENTAL F162 710T-1 13226 12994 K2136 267X9
Through 79 Lift Truck CONTINENTAL F163 103352 13501 13868* K2183 267LVX9
Through 79 Lift Truck CONTINENTAL F227,245 103333 13521 13869 K2183 2267LW10
1977- Lift Truck BAKER Y112 114110 13822
K2112 B68J8
1979- Lift Truck continental F163 118711 13868*
K2183 267LVX9
1980- Lift Truck continental F227.245 118712 13869
K2183 2267LW10

1963-67 Tiger FND CONTINENTAL F162 710AE1 12961 12812 K2948 PC2J10
1964-74 FMD,FIO 060 CONTINENTAL F226 71OAR 1 13068* 12813* K2948 PC2JIO

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