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High Performance

For the Chevy and
 Ford, 4 x 48 IDF Carbs
Manifold and Stacks

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Dual Quads *
Designed for 262-400 c.i.d. S/B Chevys. This dual-quad is low profile for hood
clearance on most vehicles. Air-conditioning bosses and front oil filler tube boss
included. Stock alternator brackets do not fit.

Manifold #5425

Carbs #1404

Linkage #7094

Fuel Line #8088

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Tunnel Ram *
Designed for 302-327-350-400 c.i.d. small-block Chevy V8s operating below
7500 rpm where low-end torque is not a prime factor. Great for engines with stock or slightly modified cylinder heads. Applicable to street machines, street
rods, pro street and marine. Will not fit 1987 and later cast iron cylinder heads

Manifold #7110

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Tri-Power *
Designed for 283-302-305-307-327-350-400 c.i.d. Chevy V8s. This manifold has a balanced 180 firing order port runner arrangement. It contains an exhaust gas heat riser and offers excellent performance potential. Front oil filler tube boss
included. Carb center-to-center: 5-1/2".


Prices subject to change without notice.
*Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.


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