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Carburetor Reference Sheet and Related Parts
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Brand: Holley Type:  H4-4150-MG
Number: R7703
LIST 7703
CU: 9-4073

General Reference Picture of a H4-4150-MG
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Actual Reference Picture
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Disc: 75-77 Chev 427 Gov Notes: Notes
Cyl:8 Newcarb-  
Rebuild Kit:  KT-5416A

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Float:  FLT-21-727A Acc Pump:  64-326
Choke Pulloff Front:  Acc Pump Cup: 
Choke Pulloff Rear:  Needle & Seat:  (2)552A
Choke Thermostat: PowerValve: 
    Jets:  Jets    
Mixture Control Solinoid:  Mettering Rods:   
Throttle Position Sensor:  Linkage Rods:
Fuel Fitting:
Mixture Screw: 
Air Cleaner Gasket: 

Rebuilt Carburetor Ref Numbers

Bowl Gasket:  Rebuild Ref Number: 9-4073
Middle Gasket:     
Base Gasket:  8461050 Core:  <<Core>> Search eBay

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Sorry Picture NA

Sorry Picture NA

This carburetor was made by Holley , The Holley Brothers Company was started in 1905 in Detroit Michigan then became the Holley Carburetor Co . It is a H4-4150-MG . This carburetor has a part number of  R7703 LIST 7703 and used on 75-77 Chev 427 Gov . Check here for specific Muscle car Info
Referenced by ; Holley  R7703 or LIST 7703



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