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[ Weber Mixture Adjustments ]

Conventional Idle Mixture Screws that provide a leaner A/F when turned clockwise and richer A/F when turned counter clockwise. The idle air flow is controlled by a conventional screw that opens the Primary Throttles. The following procedure should be used to set the idle mixture and speeds.

1. Fully warm engine and ensure choke is fully open.

2. Air cleaner in place.

3. Set desired speed with the air screw.

4. Adjust the Idle Mixture Screws on ONE side to get the maximum possible RPM. Do not go rich beyond the maximum speed point.

5. If the above changed the idle speed more than 40 RPM, then readjust the speed.

6. Adjust the side OPPOSITE of that in Step 4 to get maximum RPM.

7. Reset the speed.

8. Carefully trim each Idle Mixture Screws to again get the maximum idle RPM.

9. Go leaner just enough to get a 20 RPM drop in speed.

10. Reset the speed to the desired RPM.

11. This is a Lean-Best Idle Set. Setting richer than this will not improve idle quality or performance, but could tend to foul plugs.