Carb Restoration Service

Call 1-800-994-CARB  (2272)

$350.00 + normal rebuild cost (with your core)

We can Restore your carburetor 
Or call with a carb number we have lots cores

Every carburetor is meticulously restored to better than new condition. The throttle body is rebuilt and ultrasonically cleaned and inspected

Includes:  float, needle and seat, choke pull off, secondary cam, accelerator pump spring and alcohol resistant accelerator pump, primary shaft bushed.

Plating: is a quality finish; zinc plating followed with a coating of Yellow Chromate to protect your carburetor and its finish. we use Chromate to harden the plate and create a tough corrosion resistant crust, which insures a long lasting finish.


or If you Just want a normal carburetor rebuild (no plating) give us a call 
1-800-994-CARB  (2272)



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