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Brand: Rochester Type:  R4-4MV
Quadrajet Qjet
Number: 7040568
CU: 4-404

General Picture of a R4-4MV
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Actual Picture
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Disc: 70 Pontiac GTO Notes: GTO 70 455 AT CALIFORNIA GTO
Rebuild Kit:  KT-5164B /

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Float:  FLT-100-7 / CUD127 / Acc Pump:  CUD3616
Choke Pulloff Front:  PO-5001 / PO-5131P / Acc Pump Cup:   
Choke Pulloff Rear:    / Needle & Seat:  N/S-31-542
Choke Thermostat: CUD4892 / CU433 / PowerValve:   
    Jets:  Jets    
Mixture Control Solinoid:    Mettering Rods:   
Throttle Position Sensor:    Linkage Rods: R91 / CUD3943 / CUD1062 /
Fuel Fitting:
Mixture Screw:  16-99
Air Cleaner Gasket:  G702

Rebuilt Carburetors

Bowl Gasket:    / Carbs Unlimited Rebuild: 4-404
Middle Gasket:    / New Carb/Reman:  
Base Gasket:  CUD4005 / 20-2662 / CUD1034 / Core:  $

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Sorry Picture NA

Sorry Picture NA

This carburetor was made by Rochester , The Rochester Products Division of General Motors was located in Rochester New York and built carburetors for GM vehicles since 1949 . It is a R4-4MV the 4MV is a divorce choke (remote choke) Rochester Quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor which means the choke is located on the intake manifold connected to the carburetor with a choke rod .They started making them in 1965 and ran threw 1974 trucks up to 1979. Most will have 7/8 inch 20 fuel inlet till 1971 and 1 inch 20 after . This carburetor has a part number of  7040568 and used on 70 Pontiac GTO . Check here for specific Muscle car Info
Referenced by ; Rochester  7040568



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